For both Inter and Milan, the 2020/2021 season marks an identity turning point with new shirts

For 18 months, coincidentally at the same time, designers worked on the new kits for both Inter and Milan. Thus, for both teams recently introduced their new shirts. Making the 2020/21 season their identity turning point. At least from a marketing point of view, with the brands interested in affirming the total fusion of the clubs with the city, its values, and its spirit.

However, they do so in very different ways.

Milan focuses on the Lombard capital’s heritage. The backdrop motif of the shirt follows the lines drawn on the Venetian mosaic-floor of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Where the red and white cross shield of the House of Savoy stands in the center of the ‘Ottagono’. The Rossoneri presented their new kit for the first time on the eve of Wednesday’s victory against the Sampdoria (1-4). During the presentation, the club referred to “elegance” and “majesty” of the city’s “magnificent buildings” that have been inspirational during the creative process.

Inter, on the other hand, drew inspiration from another defining trait of their home city, its “innovative spirit.” The club opted for unusual patterns on the Nerazzurro shirt for home matches, with which they already won Napoli (2-0), as well as on the white one for away matches.

They refer to the Milanese postmodernism of the 1980s, which sought to replace the old languages with new, more direct, ones. Their radical and nonconforming new shirt transformed the classic vertical stripes into zig-zag elements. The designers also identify the broken lines with the Milanese Biscione.

The two new kits are now under the judgment of the public. So far, from the comments on social networks, it seems that the supporters of the two rival teams don’t agree even on the reaction to their clubs’ new looks.

The Rossoneri fans are enthusiastic of the more classical and traditional appeal of their team’s kit. Contrarily, the Nerazzurri fans appear to be quite skeptical about the new modern identity of the club.

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