From the Latin ‘merère’ (to have the deserved part) the merenda is the traditional Italian snack and, as all food-related matters in Italy, this too is a serious business.

Much different from snacking, the habit of consuming food between regular meals, both the mid-morning and the mid-afternoon merende (plural of ‘merenda’) are considered fully-fledged small feeds for children – and sometimes for adults too – that are an important part of a nutritional model that divides the daily diet into 5 meals.
Traditionally children’s merende have always been made with simple ingredients that were easy to find because they came directly from nature, like fruit or egg yolks beaten with sugar (and a dash of coffee for adults).
And that’s why today Loacker wafers are the most authentic and representative ambassadors of this no age-limit sweet habit. 
For three generations now, right from the heart of the Dolomites, Loacker has brought all over the world the perfect combination of delicacy, respect for tradition, and natural ingredients: high quality milk, fresh mountain water, real Bourbon vanilla pods from Madagascar and Reunion, fine chocolate and of course hazelnuts (from Italian hazelnut trees that the company sustains in Tuscany and other regions of the country).
The creaminess of the filling and the crunchiness of the wafers is enough to give an intense and encompassing taste to the palate and a healthy energy boost. The authenticity of the natural ingredients and craftsmanship epitomize the sense of lightness of the Dolomite Mountains, making the Loackers a true Italian sweet with no colourings, preservatives, added flavourings and hydrogenated fats.

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