Local marching bands are a strong tradition and source of pride throughout the 131 municipalities of Basilicata. For this reason, they have been chosen to start the opening ceremony for ‘Matera: European Capital of Culture 2019‘ on January 19, and they will do it marching alongside bands from all over Europe. Altogether, 2019 musicians will converge in Matera with their music resounding throughout the purposely decorated city streets as they make their way via the main routes from Murgia and Gravina.

When the sun goes down, Sasso Barisano and Sasso Caveoso will be illuminated by thousands of lights and by the installations of the Lumen/Social Light project. Lumen rediscovers the ancient tradition of illuminations, made for the occasion by the Basilicata community bringing light to the open spaces and buildings where the highlights of Matera 2019 will take place: fifteen light installations for fifteen strategic points. While Social Light will spread light over the whole of Basilicata, starting from the people. Over 4,000 people will take part in workshops at the Open Design School, making luminous objects called ‘bag lights’, to be carried around the city and create flashes or glimmers of light, illuminating Matera’s streets.

Later in the evening, musical performances from both national and international guests will be conducted by Stefano Bollani and a firework display will follow the official opening speech of  President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella.

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