The starred chef will take over the historic ‘Cavallino’, where the Drake use to have lunch every day

Ferrari is diversifying its business, but always “with a strong focus on made in Italy“, as CEO Louis Camilleri explained. Recently, the group signed an agreement with Armani for the production of its apparel line. Now, it announced that it will open a restaurant with chef Massimo Bottura right in Maranello. And the first guest will be able to taste the Bottura-Ferrari menu, by the end of 2020. For the first time, the 3-stars chef, will not open a new restaurant but rather will take over the historic ‘Cavallino‘. 

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Massimo Bottura- Source: Alice Jessica North – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

The ‘Cavallino‘ is a few steps away from Scuderia Sportiva Management. The Drake, Enzo Ferrari used to have lunch there every day with collaborators, pilots, and friends, precisely at 12.30 pm. In a private room, he discussed strategies and celebrated success, preferably in front of tagliatelle and fillets; typical expression of the traditional Emilian cuisine.

Currently, the restaurant, which currently seats 180 guests, is decorated with memorabilia of all kinds and the prevailing color is red Ferrari.

Bottura‘s dream is to: “see the Ferrari employees who come to celebrate the most beautiful days of their lives at the Cavallino. And offer a great service to the many tourists, Italians and foreigners, who come to visit the Ferrari museum. We will not revolutionize the restaurant, but we will make it an elegant, contemporary restaurant.

As far as the new menu is concerned: “It will be a deeply traditional cuisine. But with critical sensibility, without being, and I want to emphasize this, never nostalgic. With the help of those who lived these rooms daily, we will project the best of the past into the future.

The chef also revealed that the focus of the menu will be the local culinary excellences.

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