Fashion is not a question of size: Marina Rinaldi has made it clear since the 80s, promoting the concept that fashion is a matter of fabrics, colors and personality. Born as a brand for women who dress from size 46 upwards, the idea is that it isn’t the waistline that measures charm and femininity. In fact, this principle is so underpinning that it has eliminated the word “size” from its brand. “Way of lifeis the word choice to describe Rinaldi fashion – therefore less about measurement, more about style.

Room for style and love for craftsmanship, handed down to the founder Achille Maramotti by his great-grandmother, Marina Rinaldi, who in 1850 owned and ran an important atelier in the center of Reggio Emilia. As a seamstress, details and finishes characterized her work. This meticulousness has remained timeless and over the years evolved, inspiring a characteristic approach to customers.

Marina Rinaldi, the born from the Max Mara Group, lets women know that there is no prejudice against their natural beauty and that true authenticity is part of every body. If larger forms cause scandal on the catwalks, Marina Rinaldi looks beyond, giving those shapes the right cuts for the perfect fit. Always wearable quality, with attention to detail yet without physical parameters, lifestyle for every occasion, because – the message is clear – you are beautiful even if you do not wear a size 38.
On the other hand, the leitmotif of the year signed Marina Rinaldi is #Womenarethefuture featuring Ashley Graham, model, body activist and icon of the curvy world. The collections worn by Ashley are a harmony  of colors that give energy to different trends but always consistent with the neoclassical style that the Emilian fashion house has chosen as an identity. Ashley wears Marina Rinaldi and Marina Rinaldi signs the launch with an unpublished denim collection. The collaboration, designed for the PE 2018 collection, is innovative and versatile, through the creation of luxury denim able to dress the most diverse silhouettes, highlighting every strong point. Marina Rinaldi has outlined a season of character for the next year, starting from a collection inspired by the creative ferment of Art Basel, the most significant event on the international art market scene.

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