There is a new store in a red-brick building in Mount Street and it’s the international debut of Marchesi 1824 pastry shop, the gourmet brand of the Prada group that brings pure Milanese vintage style to the heart of London. Lorenzo Bertelli, son of Miuccia and Patrizio, had targeted various cities in Europe, but the location found in the British capital was chosen as the most interesting one.

The theme of the shop is the same as the prestigious Marchesi 1824 pastry shops in Milan: same green velvet armchairs, wall panels, and the curtains, even same furnishings. However, in London, the location, the showcases in cherry wood, full of gelèes, colored pralines, and Italian confetti and the counter with fresh cakes and sweet and savory croissants, are gems nestled in a small, very intimate and cozy eatery that has just 24 seats divided into two rooms. And here it is also possible to have lunch or enjoy a cocktail. In fact, Marchesi 1824 has also a savory lunch menu and a large cocktail list – a booklet printed on green cardboard.

Every detail is sought after: from custom-made cakes to the careful restoration of the venue. This used to be a butcher shop, and Marchesi 1894 has preserved every element of the old soul of the place, from the hooks that come down from the ceiling to the floor and wall tiles, which have been sent to a ceramic laboratory in Tuscany to be accurately restored.

Although, Miuccia Prada has always pointed out that Marchesi 1894 is not a Prada Coffee, and it is totally independent of the luxury fashion brand, the Prada touch is evident: it is luxury for the throat and the eyes.

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