Exclusivity and bikes for a new kind of holiday, or even for a new way to work, in gorgeous locations.

The coming summer, the longer days and the desire to move the body with a sporting activity, stimulate the urge to go out into the open air, in contact with nature. As we emerge from the lockdown, the way of conceiving holidays has changed. And in this new context, some realities are more favored than others in terms of required safety measures. This is the case of Luxury Bike Hotels (LBH) that organizes holidays in esclusive locations for cyclists that want to fully immerse in breathtaking sceneries and relax in top quality accomodations.

LBH create a collection of 28 accommodation to choose from. They may be  hotels, relais, lodges, resorts, chalets, retraits, widespread or environmentally friendly hotels.

They may be by the sea in Apulia, by the lake in Lombardia, up high on the Dolomiti or on the Tuscan rolling hills.

What they all have in common is that they are all in spectacular places and are all equipped to ensure a top-level service to its guests. And they all give the true luxury of feeling as safe as at home. Moreover, they are structurally organized to welcome cycling tourism enthusiasts. They offer full service: from a bike room and washing area to workshops for quick interventions and small maintenance.

Each luxury hotel is also a starting point for up to 4 itineraries. In total, LBH selected 85 itineraries divided in four categories – Gravel, Mountain Bike, Road Cycling, and E-Bike. LBH rated each one of them indicating its level of difficuliy on a scale of five. The bike is for its nature distancing, freedom of movement, and sense of lightness. It is the means that more than others allows you to go into postcard landscapes touring them to discover typical products and traditions, pedal in the middle of nature.

However, a bike ride in the nature can also be the perfect relaxing conclusion of a day of flexible working. The LBH structures give their guests the opportunity to work in dedicated areas to guarantee their  privacy and ease of maintaining concentration. This new way to take the work into a holiday environment is becoming popular with many virtuous companies. They co-finance their employees’ stays in accommodations located in amazing places so that they can continue working while taking full advantage of the LBH’s services.

That is because, what could improve productivity more than having nothing else than work to think about and knowing that as soos as the work is done you will be ready to ride off in an amazing scenery?

And aside working and cycling enjoying the beauty of the Belpaese, there will be organic breakfasts on the lawn, exclusive barbecues by the pool, elegant gourmet picnics in the garden, and aperitives on the terrace. In total distance, privacy, and freedom.

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