The winding road that leads up to the mountain, which Loacker calls home, is an experience itself. Once you leave the bustling city of Bolzano in Northern Italy, time immediately seems to slow down.

Followed by rich vineyards and orchards on your left-hand side, on your right you look down on a narrow valley, the city of Bolzano and all of it surrounded by the beautiful mountain range of the Dolomites.

It is almost too picturesque to believe a company would built its headquarters up there. But once you see the Sciliar/ Schlern mountain, glooming in the distance and you are welcomed by a simple sign letting you know that you are now entering Auna di Sotto/ Unterinn, you know soon you are going to discover the secret of the famous Loacker wafers.

Loacker Auna di sotto wafers

Indeed, Armin’s quote: “Only if you use the best, you will obtain the best” has shaped Loacker and impacts all of their choices still today.

The story of Loacker didn’t start far from here. In 1925 Alfons Loacker opened a small pastry shop in the heart of Bolzano. Growing up in a family where honesty, respect, and care for loved ones were fundamental values, right from the beginning he focused on quality ingredients destined to become delicious treats.

Later, his son Armin Loacker continued his father’s legacy but soon realized that the growing city of Bolzano wasn’t the right environment for his natural products. And it was in 1975 when he took the bold decision to move his bakery up to the Renon mountain just by the famous Sciliar/ Schlern. Many people were puzzled by the choice to move so far away from modern conveniences. Nevertheless, Armin believed that only there it was possible to find the freshest and purest air and water that contributed to the quality of his products.

Loacker Quadratini Hazelnut

Loacker has always remained true to Armin’s philosophy and it is still there that Loacker’s wafer- and chocolate specialties acquire their full flavor and fragrance.

The bakery may have become bigger over the time, but the careful preparation of exquisite, premium ingredients like Alpine milk from small farms, Sicilian lemons or only 100% Italian hazelnuts roasted on-site has remained the same.

So it looks like the secret to Loacker’s unique quality, delicious taste and natural goodness is right there, on top of the Renon mountain, surrounded by the otherworldly beauty of the Dolomites.

Do you want to find out more about Loacker’s extraordinary story or the Dolomites – the place they call home? Simply follow the links below.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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