When the love for nature and enthusiasm for good things come together, the combination can only be a winning and scrumptious one.
Thus the legendary Loacker met the irresistible consistency of gelato, in an authentically Italian treat that completes and refreshes the Italians’ springs and summers.
But this delicious combination has also crossed the ocean thanks to the collaboration between Loacker and Polosud New York, the ice cream parlor that won the 2018 America Gelato Festival.

Chef Giacomo d’Alessandro and his team brought to New York the authentic Italian gelato, made with the best raw materials and according to tradition. The CIOCCOLATO LOACKER gelato (#loackergelato) was born from the meeting of these two international ambassadors of the Italian know-how (and taste): 25% of South American dark chocolate and 75% Sicilian milk chocolate to form a creamy blend, exclusively created for Loacker, that, united with the fragrance of the Loacker chocolate wafers, creates a true explosion of taste.
The thin crunchy wafers enrich the gelato cups and cones to contribute to the full enjoyment of this refreshing specialty, in true Italian style.
Loacker’s patient work, carried out with passion and awareness, could not fail to go on experimenting with different flavors and combinations, always favoring quality ingredients.


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