Loacker wafers

Who knows if back in 1925, when Alfons Loacker decided to open his small confectionery shop in Bolzano, he himself was aware that a little later it would give rise to a revolution in the history of confectionery production.
Initially, Alfons had mainly soccer on his mind. He worked in the Rizzi pastry shop at night, in the provincial capital, Bolzano, for 72 hours a week, churning out cakes and biscuits, and was eager to test himself with innovative creations. But at the same time, he had to deal with the effects of early morning training with Rapid Bozen, the soccer team he played for. Our hero could not spend nights in the bakery and then be full strength on the field the next day. It took a brilliant idea to successfully combine his greatest passions. Alfons needed to prepare a dessert with the same desirability and quality of fresh pastries, but able to stay fresh for much longer, without losing flavor and aroma. The solution was right there. It came from his Austrian confectionery education and is called the wafer.
The Loacker legend began to take shape among local consumers and by the 1960s, Armin, the eldest son of Alfons, realized that the time had come to cross the borders of South Tyrol and set off to conquer the rest of the Italian peninsula.

Loacker huzelnut wafer and cofeee

The combination of excellent ingredients and precision have benefited the growth of a company that is always ready to face new challenges and to evolve and keep up with the times. Tradition becomes a resource to move forward, thus the product lines have been expanded, but always keep the classic wafers front and center. The original ingredients, quality milk, berries, vanilla, chocolate 100% exquisite Bourbon Vanilla pods, sun-ripened raspberries hand-picked blueberries, finely grated coconut flakes , essential oil from Sicilian lemons, essential oil from Italian oranges, Matcha from Japan, gently ground and of course hazelnuts (from Italian hazelnut trees that the company sustains in Tuscany and other regions of the boot) endure. The Loacker legend continues…

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