These days the cities, towns, piazzas and alleyways throughout Italy are adorned with new shades. Day after day they become the perfect place where from, in awe, one may witness the miracle of nature as it undergoes continuous changes.

The intense summer colors, and those of the stands of noisy neighborhood markets covered by the vivid shades of abundant seasonal fruits and vegetables, give way to the warm shades of autumn, of pumpkins, of mushrooms, of chestnuts and of the pavement covered by a carpet of withered leaves. Everything quiets down as the hectic summer pace is left behind.

In the midst of this, an unmistakable scent fills the streets and marks the passing of days, just when autumn and the first signs of the cold season make it increasingly pleasurable to be warmed up by a steaming cup.

It’s the scent of the morning awakening, mirrored in every home. Opening the window is enough for that first breath to be enveloped by the unique aroma of coffee.

This has always happened, and continues to happen everywhere, because coffee is a ritual that all Italians have had in common for centuries, a ritual that engages all of the body’s senses. Whether it comes from the large commercial espresso machines of the cafés, preceded by the unmistakable rattle of the coffee cups, saucers and spoons in the bustle of the café’s counter, or from the traditional moka coffeemaker at home, there is a special memory in every cup, a story of passion closely linked to the beautiful Italian cities and their daily lives.

At breakfast, at the mid-morning break, after lunch and for the more adventurous also at the end of the day to finish dinner; be it a regular working day or a festive day, coffee is a must.

Its already perfect taste has evolved over time and has become even richer with delightful combinations that complete this true all-Italian ritual. Served in an espresso cup (strictly ceramic or glass), coffee becomes a moment of pure relaxation and an experience to be exalted every day by accompanying it with a sweet treat.

This is why there should always be a couple of Loacker Quadratini on the saucer, ready to be dipped into the black nectar. By the encounter between the strong flavor of roasted coffee and the crunchiness of the wafer stems a pairing that opens up new horizons of unexpected tastes. An unparalleled combination to enjoy a traditional Italian coffee break.

The perfect match? According to Tuscan chef Gabriele Corcos, Food Network TV host, NYT bestselling book author and James-Beard award winner – “My morning espresso absolutely deserves a few dark chocolate Loacker Quadratini.”

The richness of dark chocolate and the strong aroma of the espresso match perfectly as one enhances the other, creating one of the highest variations of taste and pleasure.
A perfect combination between the generous bounties of nature and one of the most iconic of Italian traditions.

Chef Corcos is convinced that there is a perfect Quadratini flavor for all types of coffee:

Hazelnut Quadratini & Cappuccino
“I scoop the foam off my cappuccino with hazelnut filled wafer cookies.”

The bold taste of coffee and the sweetness that comes from milk is enhanced by the nutty and earthy flavor of fresh roasted Hazelnut Quadratini.

Chocolate Quadratini & Latte
“For Latte, I recommend enjoying it with chocolate filled Quadratini wafer cookies.”

The soothing combination of steamed milk with a light touch of espresso coffee are a perfect match for chocolate Quadratini wafer cookies.

Lemon Quadratini & Earl Grey Black Tea
“In special occasions, I opt for a cup of Earl Grey tea; I enjoy it thoroughly along the lemon filled Quadratini.”

The sweet-sour citrus taste of Lemon Quadratini pairs well with the bergamot flavor and fragrance that is found in black teas.

How do you enjoy your morning coffee?

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