The Italian brand Loacker, with their PowerMom initiative, decided to pay tribute and celebrate the great strength of working mothers by activating a dedicated platform. It all started from an intuition of Crystal Black Davis, Loacker USA executive vice president and vice president of marketing: a successful businesswoman as well as a mother, who realized the urgent need to adequately support and highlight the successes of working mothers.

A working mother carries out a double commitment that completely absorbs her – this makes necessary and vital the creation of a special space in which she can finally honor herself, her challenges, and her successes. For this reason, the virtuous circle of P

owerMom has been developed: a symposium that includes a community of mothers eager to compare their experiences, to get to know and enrich each other, to reward the merit of women who work every day to give their best at work and in the family. Over the last three years, PowerMom has strengthened itself as a crucial moment of reflection on the evolution of the female condition. Each year, their featured PowerMoms have been women with strong personalities, aspirational models to look up to find new incentives to face the challenges of the career and of the parenting job.

This year, Loacker is honoring Golden Globe winning actress, Maggie Gyllenhaal as their 2019 PowerMom of the year. Even the social networks are involved in this ambitious initiative and, through the hashtags #loackerlove #powermom #powermomday, it was possible to nominate everyday PowerMoms who have left their mark, both in their own community and in their careers. Subsequently, three of them will receive an award. Loacker, a brand committed to Goodness Without Compromise, as evident in the quality and goodness of its confectionery products, with this project points an important spotlight on the female universe, to make women, workers and mothers, ever more strong and aware of the potential of which they are carriers.

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