‘All-in’ and ‘Reincarnation’ are the two spots starring the American actor and environmental activist

It’s time to take action to create a better future.” With this slogan, FCA introduced to the world its first fully-electric car, the new Fiat 500 ‘La Prima’ (The First). A commitment towards sustainable mobility that Leonardo Di Caprio fully endorsed becoming the protagonist of the commercials dedicated to the new 500, available on the market from October 2020. 

The actor and environmental activist stars in two separate videos. One, titled ‘All-In’, introduces ‘La Prima‘ Fiat 500. In this ad, DiCaprio invites viewers to fully commit to fighting climate change and support sustainability. The second video, ‘Reincarnation‘, focuses more on Fiat as a brand and how they’ve been inspiring change since 1957.

‘All-In’ fully meets the challenge launched by the UN and by climate movements, such as that of Fridays for Future led by Greta Thunberg.

Hopefully, we are entering a decade of solutions to the climate crisis. Thus, the time has come to play every card available to solve the greatest threat we face. Di Caprio didn’t make any compromise. In the ‘All-In’ commercial, he touches on the themes that he has always cared about stating that this is the time to give everything. In the description of the ad we read that Di Caprio “wanted to offer his contribution to Fiat’s mission by inviting each of us to play a leading role in fighting climate change, focusing on sustainability. Fiat accepted the challenge inspired by change and the desire to reserve a better future for our planet, focusing on the new fully electric 500.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

Photos from the FCA press corner


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