Ever since we were little children, the period of time around Christmas fills every part of the house, and every corner of the city we live in, with magic and colors. Lights of every shape and shade brighten the streets, Christmas trees bring color to the homes, and a warm and festive chatter commences around the sumptuously laid dining tables.

The end of year celebrations represent a quintessential convivial moment that brings people together through the experience of taste, and of a delicious meal with tasty and tantalizing dishes, perhaps accompanied by a glass of sparkling wine for a well-wishing toast.

And if this 2020 has been a complicated year, different from any other, the culinary tradition that every family carries along, year after year, from one generation to the next, will remain unchanged.

After all, traditions have the ability of holding people together over time, and the Beretta family’s tradition is living proof of this.

The commitment of eight generations of Beretta family members to bringing the unique taste of noble cured meats of the Italian tradition to homes around the world, has made Fratelli Beretta the longest-running family business in the tradition of Italian delicatessen that exists today.

“Quality is a family tradition” is the group’s motto, the driving force behind a 200-year-old tradition which never ceases to evolve and which today translates into the new line “La Dolce Vita Entertainment Trays“.

In Italian the term La Dolce Vita is more than a motion picture. It is the art of loving and enjoying the simplest things that make up the daily living. The idea of ​​a selection of the best Fratelli Beretta products stems from this inspiration. A line in which tradition meets innovation in order to ease the daily living and bring that all-Italian sense of family and conviviality into every home. A commitment throughout time, including throughout those difficult historical moments, such as the one we are currently experiencing, in which getting together may be more complex than we were accustomed to.

Prosciutto, soppressata, provolone, mozzarella, salami, mixed olives, bread sticks and toasted almonds are but a few of the many delicious ready-to-use ingredients that could be used to create a typical Italian holiday meal in just a couple of moves. A couple of moves that will allow you not just to serve a meal, but to serve the onset of a journey that possesses a genuine flavor so typical of ancient traditions and values​ handed down for centuries unchanged. A moment in which time comes to a halt in order to make room for good-living.

Sharing is the one feeling that unites us the most, especially when it comes to food and the festive season!

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