The 104-Foot murals celebrate nurses as much as security guards, environmental workers, and social workers

On May 12th, the whole world observed International Nurses Day on the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. For the occasion, Italian mural artist Claudia La Bianca created two 104-foot high murals to Jackson Memorial Hospital, titled “Our Heroes.” The murals pay tribute to front line health care workers, who continue to work tirelessly through the current health crisis.

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La Bianca is originally from the province of Palermo in Sicily but moved to the US in 2004. On May 1st, she climbed onto a scaffold and began painting every day for eight to 10 hours to complete it in time for International Nurses Day.

The two murals show health care workers as superheroes, including nurses, security guards, environmental workers, and social workers.

“They are truly the heroes who need to be acknowledged and celebrated,” said La Bianca.

The mural also shows a nurse holding a candle to pay homage to Florence Nightingale, who would use a candle like the one depicted to light her way to help wounded British soldiers in the Crimean War (1865-56). Some nurses in the art installation also wear award pins meant to represent the DAISY Foundation, which recognizes nurses for their exemplary service and compassion.

We are grateful for the tribute mural that Claudia La Bianca has done for our Jackson family,” said Carlos A. Migoya, president and CEO of Jackson Health System. “As our health care heroes continue to save lives every day, Claudia’s work will remain a powerful symbol of their daily sacrifices.

“I’m so honored to do this and that I was chosen to grace the walls of Jackson Memorial, the Wynwood Arts District’s local hospital,” said La Bianca. “I hear the nurses from downstairs cheering and screaming, ‘Thank you, thank you’, and I’m thinking why are you telling me, ‘Thank you?’ ‘Thank you!’ That’s been the biggest gratification.”

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