Everyone in Italy is mourning his loss, especially those in the four Italian cities where he grew up

Following his great father, Joe Bryant, with his lovely mother and his two amazing sisters, Kobe lived in four Italian cities. Between the age of 6 and 13, he lived in Rieti, Reggio Calabria, Pistoia, Reggio Emilia. He attended Italian schools and spoke the language well. There he also learned the basics of the sport that became so important in his life and which he changed with his talent. The premature death of the 41-year-old superstar and his 13-year-old daughter shocked the whole world of basketball.

Italy, in particular, is crying the great player and man that Kobe became on its soil. Here, where many people have personal memories of him.

The whole country will mourn his death for a full week. Reggio Emilia mayor Luca Vecchi announced that the new square overlooking the PalaBigi will be named after the iconic basketball player and incredible motivator. Kobe played in the local youth team while his father was in the first team. 

In Pistoia, where the Bryants lived between 1987 and 1989, everyone loved them. The then ‘little Kobe‘ was a cheerful, lively, and playful boy who was not afraid to challenge anyone on the basketball court, not even the older boys. In fact, here as well he was playing in the youth Maltinti Pistoia team with boys two years older than him, while Joe was playing in the first team.

The Italian Basketball Federation said that every professional team in all levels of basketball will pay homage with a minute of silence in every game for seven days. Giovanni Petrucci, Italian Basketball Federation’s president told CNN, “We are shocked and saddened by what happened to him and his daughter Gianna and we hold his family close to our hearts in this moment of sorrow.” Adding “It’s a small gesture to honor Kobe’s memory, but one that is heartfelt and deserved

His smile and his love for basketball are in our hearts and a bit of Italy will always be with him.

(Ilona Catani Scarlett

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