Kartell strengthens its retail expansion strategy and distribution network in China with an important new store opening in Beijing. The company’s new flagship store recently opened in the Blue Morning Easyhome North department store in the heart of the Beijing furniture district, where Kartell already has a small exhibit space.

The new location is designed by the Laviani design studio with a special display that allows to present the concept of the products highlighting their infinite variations, and is a result of consolidated collaboration between Kartell and partner Blue Morning. The space is divided into different settings that evoke and inspire the company’s complex, rich decor solutions, presenting both the latest products and the best sellers that have become contemporary design icons. All of the above offers a unique shopping experience and an exclusive window to the Kartell world, philosophy, and creative approach, which involves the process innovation and the constant research in technology and materials that give every single product one-of-a-kind added value.

The opening of this flagship store, which is bigger and more centrally located, meets the ever-increasing interest of the Chinese market in the brand. Indeed, the young, dynamic and cosmopolitan Chinese middle class, which has been on the rise in the last few years, is increasingly drawn to more contemporary, innovative design ideas.

On a global level, the new store joins Kartell’s worldwide distribution network – which includes 140 flagship stores, 250 shop-in-shops, and more than 2,500 stores in over 140 countries  – confirming that the company’s expansion plan is increasingly focusing on the single-brand retail approach.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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