With his work, the famous artist celebrates his hometown in the year it is Italian Capital of Culture

In the heart of Parma, in the APE Museo Parma, Claudio Rinaldi director of Gazzetta di Parma, the local newspaper, unveiled the 2020 Parma calendar.  The calendar will be attached to the newspaper and it is a special present for the city. A present from Kampah, an artist that traveled the world with his art but never lost touch with his hometown. “I feel ready, ready to represent Parma in Parma, not just Parma in the world,” he said. And there could not be a better occasion to do so if not the year in which the city will be Italian Capital of Culture.

Flavio Campagna, this his real name, is a painter, photograph, stencil artist, illustrator designer, artist, and director.

Internationally, he is not only known as Kampah, but also as  Flavio 2000, and today F CK. His signatures can be found all over the world. At the Moma in New York, the permanent video collection shows a commercial made by Flavio Campagna. The video of U2’s ‘Even better than the real thing’ is by Kampah. The Emmy Award he received for a TV show theme song is addressed to Flavio 2000.

During the presentation, the artist answers the questions of journalists and explained the reasons that led to the birth of the calendar. Using a completely new style that he called Low-Rez High-End/F CK Art, he captured images of the protagonists of the city’s history of art and culture. Excellences of the present and of the past. Observing the images, the public that wa present shared emotions, tears, memories, and anecdotes from the past.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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