After five years from the Undiscovered Rome exhibition (2014), the artist Serafino Maiorano returns to exhibit at the Piazzadispagna9 Boutique Hotel & Art Gallery by Stefania Grippo.

Maiorano, Calabrian by birth but internationally known and appreciated for several years now, presents a new exhibition, entitled Kaleidoscope, which will be officially opening on Thursday, December 5th , and will be visible until April 5th, 2020.

The exhibition project, curated by Raffaella Salato, includes twenty works created between 2012 and today, and alongside the paintings on digital processing, printed on an aluminum plate, we may find three sculptures (from the cycle “Architecture of the soul”) and six preparatory drawings in frame, refined testimony of the author’s technical skills as well as the genesis of his most complex works.

Serafino Maiorano’s personal interpretation of the world, distilled through his very unique visual and mental filters, gives life to works with an almost dreamlike flavor, suspended between the metaphysical and the futuristic and, for this reason, subject to different but complementary interpretations.

Masterly combining the photographic shot, digital processing and painting interventions, in more alternate sedimentation, Maiorano – which categorically refuses the definition of “photographer”, a term that does not really render him justice at all – is the demiurge of worlds of contemporary architecture yet totally out of time, in which spatial dimensions intertwine together with the intangible, harnessing among other things beams or points of light that move on overlapping planes.

It is a narrative that recalls the medieval matrix entrelacement, whose rhetorical figure of reference is the kaleidoscope – hence the title of the exhibition – which evokes the multiplicity of images, real or perceived, that populate a space. The Maiorano scenarios are therefore first and foremost mental places, in which the artist leads the viewer to make him share his perceptions – “hallucinations”, as he defines them – which become a metaphor for the contemporary world.

The three sculptures on show are also of great interest, which in their formal rigor and in the purity of the materials used, unexpectedly open up to the mixture with the natural element, as a message of life and hope that emerges in an alienating present.

The Kaleidoscope exhibition confirms the validity of the art and hospitality project created by Stefania Grippo, interior designer and creator of “Piazzadispagna9“, born in 2014 – inside the apartment of the German artist Franz Catel, who in 1800 made it one of the most illustrious artistic salons of the Capital – and was baptized by Serafino Maiorano himself, who realized the very first exhibition hosted in the property.

This experimental project in which art, design, craftsmanship and fashion converge – which boasts the magnificent view of one of Rome’s most beautiful squares and exceptional interior design selections – is now a reference point for the most refined and cultured contemporary art admirers.

Contemporary art in all its forms, from photography, painting, to the innovative language typical of street-art.

The artists are personally selected by Stefania Grippo, in line with the most modern international trends, in a two-way exchange – filtered by their identity and their expressive research – between the imposing exterior and the interior spaces of the hotel.

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