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In order to cool down in the Italian summer heat, many in Milan decide to go for a swim in one of the indoor or outdoor pools open to the public. Until June 23rd, at Piscina Cozzi, it is possible to do so in the light of Luke Jerram’s art installation ‘Museum of the Moon.’

The mind-blowing Moon was created at an approximate scale of 1:500,000 – thus, each centimeter of the internally lit spherical sculpture represents 5km of the moon’s surface – by the British artist for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, installed right above the water, is a 7-meter-wide internally lit model of our natural satellite. To create his majestic artwork the British artist used a massive 21-meter wide, high-resolution image developed by the American Astrogeology Science Centre and resulting from those taken by a NASA satellite carrying the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera launched in 2010. Jerram was inspired to create the ‘Museum of the Moon‘ by living in Bristol and noticing the 13-meter gap between high tide and low tide – the second highest tidal range in the whole of Europe – as he cycled over the Avon Cut each day. His moon research also led to his artwork Tide.

The art installation began its latest world tour in Houston (U.S.A.) in April and it will conclude it in Philadelphia in January of 2020 after travelling through the United States, Europe, and China. For the time that it is hosted at Piscina Cozzi, the pool, on top of the standard opening times, organized a special opening on the 22nd that will give guests the opportunity to marvel at the artwork while going for an indoor swim until 4am.

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