The American actress and singer is considering moving to the Belpaese and many places are ready to welcome her

She currently lives in Los Angeles, but Jennifer Lopez told Vanity Fair that she would like to move to a quiet Italian location. She longs for a simpler way of life away from the chaotic American city. “’Find another life where it’s a little bit more simple and organic,” she said. “Where I get to ride a bike, and buy bread, and put it in my basket, and then go home and put jelly on it.” Adding that she would like to “just eat and paint, or sit in a rocking chair where there was a beautiful view.” Her wish sparked a wave of attention from Italian towns and villages that meet the description of what she is looking for.

Invitations arrived from Cagliari, Lenna (Bergamo), Monticello d’Alba (Cuneo),  San Quirico d’Orcia (Siena), Campli (Teramo), and Polesella (Rovigo).

The Mayor of Gualdo Cattaneo (Perugia), Enrico Valentini, wrote to J-Lo boasting that in 2019 our Municipality had 30% of the ultra-centenarians of Umbria. This would be due to the great food they eat, like Pomontina snails, and the beauty of their land. “Wherever you go, you see unique olive groves that produce a unique and phenomenal oil,” he wrote. He also mentioned that Gualdo Cattaneo is one of the few Municipalities where it is possible to find both black and white truffles.

Even Marco Bianchi, the Mayor of Celleno (Viterbo), sent a formal invitation to the American actress-singer. Saying that in the hilltop ghost town she “can find the beauty and privacy she is looking for.” No one has lived in the castle that dominates the delightful village since international artist Enrico Castellani died two years ago. And Bianchi offered it to make it available to Lopez. The village would be perfect for her, isolated, with only 1300 inhabitants, and away from prying eyes. However, it is also only a 1-hour drive from Rome, where the pop star could go shopping and participate in social events, in case she missed them.

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