The 67th edition of the Fancy Food Show, one of the most important food fairs in the world, is ending today at the Javits Center in Manhattan. On the second floor of the huge exhibition building, various nations are present with their respective typical products and the one with the largest pavilion here is the Italian one named ‘Italy of Champions’, which presents the entire range of Made in Italy food products under the umbrella of the ‘The Extraordinary Italian Taste.’

In the Italian pavilion is coordinated by the Italian Trade Agency (ICE) headed in New York by Maurizio Forte. As reported by La Voce di New York, talking about the event, Forte repeated the famous phrase taken from one of Queen’s most famous songs, “We are the champions”, emphasizing that, as far as food is concerned, Italy is the leading country in the world and, particularly in the United States.

“At the Summer Fancy Food, Italy with over 300 exhibitors – declared Maurizio Forte – is once again the most represented country after the hosts. The strong tradition of Made in Italy agri-food goes hand in hand with the great innovation capacity of our companies, which concerns products, packaging, and the way food is used, with increasing attention to sustainability throughout the supply chain.

While, Phil Kafarakis, President of the Specialty Food Association, organizer of the Fancy Food Show, said that “The Specialty Food Association is thrilled to continue the strong relationship with Italian food producers, a relationship that has become increasingly consolidated over the many years of collaboration” and announced that in 2020 Italy will be the partner country both for the Winter Fancy Food held in San Francisco and for the Summer Fancy Food in New York.
The Italian Pavilion has also been the set of the 3rd Italian Food Awards USA 2019. The Awards, organized by Food Magazine and Universal Marketing with the support of the Specialty Food Association, celebrated Italian excellences operating in the US and awarded prizes for 11 product categories and three special categories: Packaging, Innovation, and Sustainability.

(Ilona Catani Scarlett)
Cover ph. author: Eden, Janine and Jim, source: Wikipedia, Attribution License


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