Netflix announced that it will air three completely Made in Italy stand-up comedy shows between March and May. The three Italian stand-up comedians that will have the opportunity to reach an international audience in the 190 countries where the Netflix streaming platform is available are Edoardo Ferrario, Francesco De Carlo, and Saverio Raimondo.
The three shows, produced by Dazzle in collaboration with Aguilar, were recorded on the stage of the Santeria in Milan, a venue that has a great tradition in hosting emerging, as well as famous, comedians. In fact, Santeria is a dynamic space, with, not only a stage for shows, concerts, and events, but also a restaurant, a bar, a co-working area, and a shop that sells books, records, clothing, and accessories.

Edoardo Ferrario netflix standup comedy comedian streaming live show italy

Edoardo Ferrario

On March 15th, Edoardo Ferrario will open the trilogy. The show of this young comedian, already known for his ‘Esami‘ sketch series, is titled ‘Temi caldi‘ (Hot Topics) and focuses on modern obsessions such as online privacy, craft beers, and horoscopes.
On April 12th, it will be the turn of ‘Cose di questo mondo‘ (Things Of This World) by Francesco De Carlo, author of the book ‘La mia Brexit‘ (My Brexit) published by Bompiani. In his monologue, De Carlo will talk about his expat adventure in London, between vices, virtues, and cultural barriers.
Finally, on May 17th, Saverio Raimondo, already known for his television programs like Ccn on Comedy Central and former guest of the Wired Next Fest. With his show ‘Il satiro parlante‘ (The Talking Satyr), he will present to the audience its most intimate soul through his anxieties, daily banalities, and deep contradictions.

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