The tourist organization create a digital diary to explore the wonders of the Belpaese from home.

Since its foundation in 1894, the Touring Club Italiano (TCI) has always been the major Italian national tourist organization. In this position, it activated itself to contribute to this sector in a moment in which it is heavily affected by the ongoing health crisis. It decided to support the country in this difficult moment with the best of its knowledge. And it launched the “Passione Italia” campaign to promote the country and its beauty with stories and images from its repertoire.

In this way, it will guide virtual tourists to discover places, landscapes, and itineraries of the Belpaese.

An interactive map, to check on a daily basis, to be inspired by the incredible diversity of this amazing country.

With a dedicated section of the website and posts on Facebook and Instagram profiles, it will present cities of art, coasts, mountains, and villages. To guide virtual visitors will be the Guide Verdi Touring, insights prepared by TCI’s journalists, the photographs from TCI’s historical archive, and many other contents of the great TCI’s “travel baggage”.

TCI also invites tourists to actively participate by sharing personal anecdotes related to specific places and original images of unique views. These stories in images allow going beyond mere chronicles and virtual itineraries. Through a screen, they bring to life the oxymoron of traveling while staying at home in special places where beauty has always been at home. And where it is just waiting to be experienced again.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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