Four Italian productions are programmed to be screened in as many sections of the 68th annual Berlin International Film Festival – or Berlinale – that will take place from February 15 to 25. Here they are:

Figlia mia’ (‘Daughter of Mine’) by Laura Bispuri in Competition

With an international cast of actresses that include Valera Golino and Alba Rohrwacher,  Bispuri presents her movie produced by Vivo film. It is the story of ten-year-old Vittoria is growing up in a Sardinian village untouched by tourism. One day she meets the impetuous Angelica, who is completely different to her own caring mother Tina, to whom she is connected by a secret. Despite the fact that Tina is not happy about it, Vittoria spends more and more time with fearless and independent Angelica. Bispuri follows the girl as she encounters, imitates and questions several role models until she gradually discovers who she really is. The warm light of a Sardinian summer accompanies Vittoria on her turbulent journey.

‘Lorello e Brunello’ by Jacopo Quadri in Culinary Cinema

In this documentary movie produced by Vivo film and divided into four chapters that follow the seasons, Quadri tells the story of Brunello and Lorello Biondi, twins living in Pianetti di Sovana, southern Tuscany. They spend every day, every hour taking care of the estate where they were born. But, this does not seem to be enough and, they are on the verge of failure, feeling helpless in front of the dropping prices of the global economic market, crushing the twins and their impoverished neighbors while big corporations of winemakers are prospering. Wolves attacking sheep at night, working at dawn, dust, fences, animals, death and births, are all part of this picture.

La terra dell’abbastanza’ (Boys Cry) by Damiano and Fabio D’Innocenzo in Panorama

In their first work, co-produced by Rai Cinema, the D’Innocenzo brothers created a world of cold, inhospitable spaces, in which the outskirts of Rome become a dangerous hell’s anteroom. In this context two teenagers, Mirko and Manolo, following a car accident in which run over a Mafioso, find themselves sucked into a maelstrom of violence, drugs, prostitution and the rivalry of two mafia groups.

‘Cena d’aragoste’ (‘Lobster Dinner’) by Edoardo Franchetti in Generation Kplus

The short movie directed da Fanchetti and co-produced by Gatto Film and Magdalene Films explores the relationship of two 12-year-old boys that share their growing up journey even if coming from very different backgrounds. Michele, a boy from a wealthy family, loves to spend time at the chaotic but loving home of his friend Leone. A twist in their relationship takes place when Michele brings a huge pot of living lobsters stolen from his home’s fridge into Leone’s kitchen as a present for his mother.

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