The Italian Alpine Club launched a national initiative to introduce “new paths” to mountain lovers

As this year many are choosing the high lands to spend the summer holidays, the Italian Alpine Club (CAI) launched an initiative called ‘Scopriamo nuovi sentieri’ (let’s discover new paths). It invites mountain lovers to choose less known itineraries immersing yourself in the beauty of the side valleys and less frequented slopes.

Weekly, on its website and social media, CAI publishes information sheets about new less beaten paths that are all over the Belpaese. Here are some of them.

Sentiero dei Giganti, Sila Park, CalabriaVertical drop 120 m, length 2.5 km, estimated time 1 hour. Short and rewarding excursion in a wooded environment on the Sila Piccola. Being careful, in this pristine environment, it is possible to spot eagle owls, black squirrels, wild boars, and deers. Along the way, there are majestic specimens of silver fir, beech, and larch pine. They are the ones who inspired the name of the ‘Giants’ Path’. The starting and arrival point is at the Gariglione forestry barracks. This is an alpine-style building built in the early 1900s that used to house the workers during the forest cuts.

Bivacco Rifugio Lorenzini, Valle Camonica, Lombardia Vertical drop 420 m, legth 12.3 km, estimated time 4.30 hours. Panoramic, interesting, and easy excursion. It is mostly on a dirt road serving various mountain cottages in the area on which motorized vehicles are not allowed. From it, it is possible to admire the Presolana massif, the Val di Scalve and the San Fermo – Moren group. The surrounding environment is characterized by rich vegetation of beeches and firs. There are also wide clearings still well mowed by the numerous farmers of the zootechnical farms of Borno. In the middle of the big meadow of Pratolungo, there is the Lorenzini Bivouac Lodge obtained from an old alpine hut.

Grande Anello del Conero, Marche Vertical drop 500 m, legth 12 km, estimated time: 5 hours. Wide loop trail in the Mediterranean environment and, often, in front of an interesting view of the coastline. Going uphill, the path crosses an area of former crops (juniper bushes and brooms) before entering the woods mainly of Aleppo pines. From here, there are views of the cliffs looming over the Portonovo area. The view is great and shows how the ‘green bay’ originated from a landslide detached from Pian Grande. Further along, from the Belvedere Nord, the coastline from Portonovo to Senigallia comes in full views.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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