Italy is famous for many beautiful sceneries, and the lake ones are among them. On their coasts, the combination of traditional recipes of little-known fish, special locations, and romantic atmospheres can turn a stay into a unique experience. Here are some of the best restaurants from which to enjoy charming views on peaceful stretches of water while pleasing the taste buds:

Piccolo Lago (Verbania) – On Lake Maggiore, with impeccable service on the veranda or in the garden, chef Marco Sacco, who has also a restaurant in Hong Kong, offers his specialties, freshwater fish and fresh egg pasta, in a multitude of recipes organized in themed menus.

Leon d’Oro (Orta San Giulio, Novara) – On Lake Orta, it is the restaurant of a hotel that has been offering guests an incredible view for over 200 years. The service is informal and, on the terrace, it is possible to enjoy traditional dishes from the Cusio area, like the trio of lightly smoked freshwater fish.

From the official website La terrazza a Torbole

Il Sereno (Torno, Como) – On Lake Como, in a wonderful location directly on the water, the restaurant offers a menu designed by Andrea Berton, one of Italy best chefs. The best freshwater fish, as well as vegetables, tubers, and roots are at the base of delicious recipes.

La terrazza a Torbole (Torbole sul Garda, Trento) – On Lake Garda, a menu strongly based on freshwater fish. In a simple and relaxing environment, it offers dishes such as chub fish balls, the perch salad, and the spaghetti carbonara with tench instead of bacon.

Pagnanelli 1882 (Castel Gandolfo, Rome) – On Lake Albano, this restaurant opened in 1882. Here not only the lake view is splendid, but there is also a noteworthy cellar dug into the rock. The menu offers modern recipes that include swordfish rolls, stuffed squid, fish soup served in a bread bowl, and the use of wild herbs.

Antiche Sere (Lesina, Foggia) – On Lake Lesina, chef Nazario Biscotti offers, in this beautiful restaurant, an interesting menu of traditional and revisited recipes many of which have eel as the main ingredient. He delights guests also an excellent home-made bottarga.

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