Thanks to a collaboration with Netaddiction and its partner ‘I Love Italian Food’, an international community that celebrates the culture and the made in Italy in the world, Scavolini brought a series of cooking events across the ocean.

The ‘FoodAddiction in Store‘ tour organized in the Italian Scavolini showrooms is presented in the U.S.A. with the in-store format ‘100 per 100 Italian Kitchen’ dedicated to the gastronomic excellencies of the Bel Paese. The Scavolini Stores are the stage for workshops, tastings, and show cooking: every event is a refined culinary experience, offered by the expert hands of chefs, food coaches, and food artisans that teach all the secrets of Italian cuisine.

‘100 per 100 Italian Kitchen’ arrived in New York on June 30th, on occasion of ‘Fancy Food 2018’, the North American event dedicated to the food industry, and of the ‘100 per 100 Italian Gala’, a celebration of Italian cuisine and its protagonists in the U.S.A. A delegation of chefs from the Italian association ‘Chef New York’ participated in the event, and e master pizzaiolo Gino Sorbillo, author of the book ‘Pizzaman’, attended the gala.

100 per 100 Italian Kitchen‘, realized in partnership with Parmareggio, consortium of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP, Bellavista, Contadi Castaldi, Olitalia, Gustoso Sicilian Food Excellence, Aicny, and i-Italy, will be repeated, on July 12th, in the Scavolini store in Boston and, on July 19th, in the one in Chicago.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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