The many advantages offered by electric bikes are at the origin of their growing success and Italian manufacturers are contributing to this market with many models that are loved even outside their home country’s borders. In fact, according to Ancma – the national association of producers of two and three wheels vehicles –, as reported by Corriere, in 2017, Italy exported 19,000 electric bikes. Among the most appreciated Italian brands, there are historic brands like Piaggio and Bianchi as well as new ones like Askoll and Italwin. Here is what they offer on this ever-growing market.

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Piaggio ‘Deore’

Piaggio ‘Deore – Piaggio presents its electric bike in two versions, the ‘Comfort’, the quintessential city bike, and the ‘Active‘, a city bike with sporty details ing devices. Among the interesting solutions adopted there are an NFC-capable display, which allows locking the bike when it is removed, and a GPS integrated battery that acts as an anti-theft system.

piaggio electric bike green eb2 electric bike wheels sport italy italian

Askoll ‘Eb2

Bianchi range – Bianchi offers a complete range of electric bikes, with about twenty models divided into four lines: the ‘E-Road‘, designed for an on the road sport use; the ‘E-Sport‘, authentic racing bikes; the ‘E-Mtb’, electric mountain bikes; and the ‘E-City’, electric city bikes. Among them, the Bianchi Impulso e-Road featured among the eight best e-bikes for 2019 by Cycling Weekly.

Askoll ‘Eb2‘ – The bike produced by Askoll offers great value for money. Its sturdy frame is combined with a 250 Watt motor that allows choosing between 5 different levels of assistance. The 300 Wh battery guarantees up to 80 kilometers of autonomy and can be detached from the bike to be recharged at home or at work.

Italwin range – Italwin is the largest Italian manufacturer of electric bikes and offers 16 models – two of which are signed by Momodesign – that cover all market niches: from mountain bikes to city bikes, from folding to off-road bikes.

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