Every year on October 1, the world comes together to celebrate International Coffe Day. Coffee has a potential that knows no bounds, thanks to the authenticity and tradition associated with it.

We can tell many stories of love and passion involving coffee. Most of them closely connect with  beautiful Italian cities and with people’s daily lives. Italian espresso is made from toasted and ground black coffee-beans, and whether it comes from the big coffee machines at the bar, from the traditional simple domestic caffettiera or is extracted from sachets and capsules, it boasts an undisputed world record of popularity that is due to an Italian tradition, as well as a production on an industrial scale that is continually developing and improving.  Coffee cup and Loacker wafer International coffe day

Even if coffee taste is already at the best all on its own, adding another flavor gets the most perfect mix.
Just think of the encounter between the Loacker wafer and a steaming cup of coffee or a fluffy cappuccino. When the Loacker dives into the black nectar you reach the rapture of delight.

The bold taste of the roasted coffee softens the aroma of the wafer. This forms a union that opens up new horizons of an unexpected taste. Loacker wafers and coffee are undoubtedly a winning combination. They are the most authentic and representative ambassadors of a traditional Italian coffee break.

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