Visitors can experience the games of lights of the installation by Giò Forma Studio also from the inside 

This year, in Piazza Duomo in Milan, the traditional spruce left its place to an enormous conical installation of lights. Over 37 meters high and with a diameter of 14 meters, the artificial tree will lit the famous square until January 6th. Studio Giò Forma designed it drawing inspiration from the typical conical shape of the Milanese bell towers: Sant’Eustorgio, San Gottardo, and San Marco a Palazzo.

The structure consists of a semi-transparent metal mesh mounted on 14 levels with a star positioned at the top. To illuminate it, there are over 80,000 LEDs that can be admired also from the inside. Up to 100 people at a time can enter the tree to be immersed in an explosion of games of lights.

While outside there is a huge LED wall screen that projects a series of digital contents.

Moreover, every day until Christmas, at 6.15 pm one person will have the opportunity to press the button that switches on the tree to illuminate the city.

Sustainability was a concern of the designers. Thus, the installation is powered exclusively with energy from renewable sources. Also, the low energy consumption LEDs guarantee great efficiency and most of  the materials used are destined to be reused. For a more traditional touch, 22 small spruce trees create a green ring that surrounds the large LED tree. They are installed in pots and, in the new year, they will be replanted in a green area of the city of Milan. 

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