‘Il Ferro e il Fuoco’ is the restaurant of Voi Hotel Donna Camilla Savelli in the former convent designed by Borromini

Time travel has never been easier. In Via Garibaldi 27, in Rome, between the Gianicolo hill and the Trastevere neighborhood, there is a 17th-century former convent in which you can still see the works of the famous baroque artist Borromini. Nowadays it houses the Voi Hotel Donna Camilla Savelli, which boasts an intense Renaissance atmosphere. As if this wasn’t indulgent enough, guests can fully immerse themeselves in the flavors of the time in the hotel’s restaurant.

‘Il Ferro e il Fuoco’ (iron and fire) offers an original Renaissance menu. And, in the evocative cloister, it is perfect for anyone seeking quality, culture, and beauty.

In addition to a la carte dishes, ‘Il Ferro e il Fuoco’ offers the unique opportunity to taste dishes taken from “De Arte Coquinaria” by Maestro Martino da Como (1430-1490). Chef Emidio Gennaro Ferro, from whom comes a part of the restaurant’s name, serves on a tray of emotions beyond time with flavors that are the key to fully enter the atmosphere of six centuries ago.
His creations range from elderflower fritters to fried sage and pine nuts and ham croutons. The eggplant flan is a concert for the taste buds with mint, cinnamon, and chopped cloves sprinkled with sugar. Another delicacy is the ‘Piccolo pasticcio’ with white meats ragu and truffle sauce. And it was one of Lorenzo il Magnifico’s favorite dishes. It is a pastry shell that can be stuffed with vegetables, meat, or pasta. Ferro uses chicken and pork meat with pasta.
All of the above is paired with a delicious rose syrup made with water, sugar, petals, and rosewater. While the wines come from ancient vineyards that were already well-known in the middle ages. The most appreciated ones during renaissance banquets in Rome were Vernaccia of San Gimigniano and Cannaiola di Marta.

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