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iginio Massari signature logo firma dolci pastry chef pasticceria dolciTwo magazines dedicated to the Italian cuisine, ‘ItalianGourmet‘ and ‘Il Pasticcere‘ organized, under the patronage of ‘AMPI – Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani‘ (Italian academy of master confectioners) and the association of high pastry ‘Relais Desserts‘, the VI Edition of World Pastry Stars, International Pastry Congress that took place this week in Milan. World Pastry Stars is the only international event held in Italy with the most influential Pastry Stars in the world. A unique opportunity to learn from the great Pastry Stars through their example and the experiences that have made them famous all over the globe.

This year, the brighter Star has been master confectioner Iginio Massari of ‘Pasticceria Veneto’ Brescia and ‘Iginio Massari’ patisserie in Milano, who has been chosen as coordinator of World Pastry Stars 2019 because he is “A supporter of the value of sharing, Maestro Iginio Massari is the standard-bearer of Italian confectionery around the world, the first Italian member of Relais Desserts Association, founder and honorary president of the Italian Master Confectioners Academy. It is the soul and heart of our Italian Pastry.

Moreover, the jury of experts of the World Pastry Stars 2019 awarded the master from Brescia the title of World Best Pastry Chef rewarding “his personality, creativity and commitment to education.” An award welcomed with great joy by Massari, who said he was pleased to receive “a recognition that, first of all, – said the pastry chef – rewards the professionalism and dedication that for years I had for this job. A job that every day involves new studies and that still does not allow me to feel as if I’ve mad it.

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