The secret of Italianness at the table is all here with just a few, authentic and simple ingredients that represent traditions handed down from generation to generation and wrapped in that unique and genuine love that resides only in family. Loacker is the quintessential representation of the extraordinary variety and biodiversity that makes up the Belpaese. A wealth made of taste, a huge heritage that, together with its artistic and cultural heritage, has always distinguished Italy abroad and continues to stimulate culinary fantasies around the world thanks to the commitment of those who have looked-after it. Loacker knows this well. For three generations, from the heart of the Dolomites, a fertile, generous and uncontaminated land, have given life to the perfect combination of deliciousness, respect to a truly Italian tradition with natural ingredients.
Creations that embrace the equilibrium of a still untouched territory, made of fresh air and water. They are naturally light specialties that still carry within them the same care and attention that Alfons Loacker did in his little pastry shop in Bolzano. And even though the business has been operating since 1925 and the product lines have expanded, the craftsmanship, the family recipes, the natural raw materials have always been at the heart of the business.

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