A unique botanical garden dedicated to 200 varieties of these special plants, including antique and rare ones

Inebriating scents, surprising shapes and textures, striking colors, and delighting flavors – in Pescia, in the province of Pistoia, there is a special place where the senses lead visitors to the discovery of all that is the world of citrus plants.

Hesperidarium – The Citrus Garden – is a unique botanical garden with over 200 varieties of citrus plants from all over the world, where visitors can admire plants from the 15th-century Medici collections, rare and exotic varieties from the Far East, but also new, more modern ones from the southern hemisphere.
The park enchants visitors with paths full of curiosities that can interest experts and novices in this  particular field of botany, as well as being highly captivating for the general public. The he exclusive collection of citrus plants is organized along paths, in plant tunnels, around fountains and large figures inspired by Pinocchio’s fairy tale.

In fact, the birthplace of the most famous long-nosed puppet in the world, as well as its own park, is only 2 km from The Citrus Garden. In the enormous greenhouse that hosts it, Hesperidarium surprise visitors with a wide range of fruits coming from the most remote corners of the globe, with of all kinds of shapes – fingered, horned, spherical, elongated, small, large -, multi-colored leaves, and different aromas.

Here, experts guide groups of visitors in their discovery of the garden’s wonders and secrets, and give information about the care of citrus plants and their use.

Visits to The Garden can also be enriched with tastings of the products made with the different citruses – marmalades, limoncello, chinotto, gazzosa -, but also with cooking courses and shows – to learn recipes based on citruses.

The magic of the Hesperidarium is so charming that many people fall in love with it and chose it as an exclusive setting for their events, and even weddings.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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