With a global market share of 53%, Ferrero’s Nutella seem to be the synonym of hazelnut spread, however, it is not the only one and a major player is entering the game. Barilla will soon be launching the ‘Pan di Stelle‘ spreadable cream, maybe in response to the fact that Ferrero is ready to enter the world of biscuits with a Nutella dessert.

Barilla in the past few weeks begun presenting to large supermarket chains its new ‘Pan di Stelle’ hazelnut spread in the hope to steal from the Piedmontese rival market shares worth about 2 billion.

Rather than on customers taste buts, the hazelnut spread derby will begin in supermarkets’ offices, where it will be decided the positions of the two spreads on the shelves. In fact, in cases like these, a good place in a strategic position can make a lot of difference. There is also speculation on whether the new spread will sit on the shelves side by side with the one it is challenging, or if it will end up alongside the other Mulino Bianco products.

With ‘Pan di Stelle’, Barilla decided to focus on those considered Nutella’s weak points. The new hazelnut spread, which will contain crumbs of the eponymous biscuit, is to contain less sugar than the famous one and to be made with sunflower oil rather than palm oil. In fact, Nutella is about 50% sugar, has palm oil as second main ingredient, and 13% of hazelnuts.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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