The royal wedding of Harry and Meghan will be celebrated next Saturday and for the occasion the spouses chose the traditional Italian sugar-coated almonds known as ‘confetti’, and, of course, they chose the best ones, those produced by family-owned confectioner Confetti Mario Pelino in Sulmona.

Confetti Mario Pelino released a statement saying that: “It’s a tradition that has been linking the company to the British royal family for a long time. It began with the marriage between Carlo and Diana, and it continued with William and Kate’s wedding. An excellent Made in Italy product that hold the attention of the public for the way it is produced (no flour, no starch, only sugar and almonds from Avola, the best ones).”

In fact, the confectioner still produces these fine candies – which can be enjoyed on their own, fashioned into flowers, or used in custom-made ‘bomboniere’, wedding favors traditionally given to the guests –  according to a legendary recipe from Sulmona dating back over 300 years. The original production process that it is still in use today, requires different stages during which the first-choice raw materials are worked by hand by expert confectioners or using much of the original equipment, as the Pelino family has been doing for centuries.

Indeed, Confetti Mario Pelino is holder of such a remarkable tradition that is a member of Les Hènokien, international association founded in 1981 by companies who have been continuously operating and remain family-owned for 200 years or more, and whose descendants still operate at management level.

(Ilona Catani Scarlett)

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