The iconic Italian city car is about to celebrate its 62nd birthday and, as we are used to by now, the exact date, July 4th, will be celebrated with the launch of its latest version. This summer, after the countless special series a new cabriolet will join the family celebrating the 10 years since the debut of the current 312 C series, which is the modern Fiat 500 convertible.

On July 4th, 1957, the first Fiat 500 made was unveiled and since then this date marks the launch of its almost countless heirs. Last year, on the same date, we discovered the Fiat 500 Spiaggina ’58 by Garage Italia. This year, judging by the widespread teasing video and three photos released by the manufacturer, the new version winks its eye to the holiday season and the seaside. However, we still know very little about the new convertible, only the caption that accompanies the images: “Let’s give way to the emotions. An image that brings back to memory a sweet and ever-present age. An Italian dream that is blue like the sea and white like sand, in which stripes become waves and thoughts float…

The photos portray what appears to be a soft-top fabric inspired by the white and blue stripes of the fabrics used for the beach chairs of the 1960s. A touch of contrasting color is not missing and it is represented by the 500 logo extended to full width. A decidedly summery color combination, which will most likely be matched with the interior finishes and the color of the body that has not been revealed yet.

Images are frames from YouTube videos


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