cornetto algida ice cream gelato italian food summer estate chocolate Born in 1959 in the province of Naples, it is the most famous ice cream in the world and an integral part of the Italian culture. ‘Cornetto‘ meaning “little horn”, is the internationally renowned frozen ice cream cone manufactured by Unilever and sold under various international subsidiary names.

Originally created by the Neapolitan Spica ice cream parlor, in the beginning, it was a handmade ice cream: a crispy waffle covered in chocolate internally, filled with a very simple cream of milk ice cream, dusted with hazelnut grains and melted chocolate garnish – which gives it its unmistakable crunchy sound of the first bite.cornetto ice cream gelato italia italy italiano algida sweet flavour chocolate food summer

A few years after its creation, it was bought by Algida, a company based in Rome that, thanks to the idea of three Slavic engineers, was already producing ice cream on large scale and with a semi-industrial production. Thanks to temperature-controlled supply chains, this simple ice cream produced in Caivano (Naples) has arrived all over Europe and the world. Although it was subsequently bought by the American giant Unilever, the production plant remained in Caivano and today it is still the largest one in Europe and the second one in the world, producing more than two million ice creams every day, 60% of which are destined to the Italian market. In 60 years many different varieties of the original have been introduced: coffee flavor, XXL version, Mint Chocolate, Cornetto Soft, Valentine’s Day flavors, and even a Unicorn color Cornetto.

Among the most recent innovations introduced on the market, there are the Gluten Free and the Veggie one, made with soy.

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