With his designs for Drew House and the artist’s music, the young designer wants to spread happiness


From the Facebook profile of Gianpiero D’Alessandro

In less than a year, Gianpiero D’Alessandro, 28-year-old from Sant’Anastasia (Naples), was noticed by Justin Bieber and became one of his top collaborators. He now designs anything that has to do with the Canadian artist. In particular, Gianpiero is the sole designer of Drew House, the apparel brand recently co-founded by Bieber and Ryan Good. But he also designed the various promotional fonts of the singer’s latest single, ‘Yummy‘ as well as the Drew House ‘Yummy’ limited edition tee-shirt.

He even created, in only 7 hours, the animated

‘Yummy ‘video, featuring Bieber singing, “Hop in the Lambo’, I’m on my way/ Drew House slippers on with a smile on my face”.

Hey can you send me your number. Wanna talk about doing some stuff with ya.” This is the message that Bieber sent to Gianpiero in April and that started it all. The previous month, Gianpiero had posted on  Instagram  a caricature of Bieber, his wife Hailey, and dog Oscar, sporting Drew House gear. The singer liked it and began following the designer. In a few weeks, he had fallen in love with Gianpiero’s work and decided to contact him to start a collaboration with him.

Gianpiero’s work makes much easier for Bieber’s fan to feel part of a community. And not feeling alone is one of the most important ingredients for the happiness that the designer wants to spread. Moreover, according to Gianpiero, “Drew House is the place where you are free to express yourself and be yourself.” He believes “You can dress comfortably with very bright and radiant colors. A happy, unspoiled world. Let us spread happiness.”

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