Even before pizza and spaghetti, gelato is historically the first food to define itself as an Italian ambassador in the world. The inventor was the ingenious Florentine artist Bernardo Buontalenti who in 1559 was commissioned by Cosimo I (Grand Duke of Tuscany) to arrange a banquet at the Medici court where he amazed the guests by serving the first cold cream. A triumph of fantasy, creativity and taste that first conquered Italy and then France, where it arrived with Caterina De’ Medici, and then spread throughout the world. 
In this journey, however, ‘gelato’ has often been a “victim of interpretation”, mistaken for common ice cream.
What really makes the difference once again is the use of fresh raw materials. Often ice cream is produced with powdered milk and rehydrated at the time of use, while artisanal gelato is produced with fresh milk and cream and is in all respect real food. The gelato structure is also different. Milk is used in larger proportions than cream, which also means less fat and fewer calories. It is stored at higher temperatures which increases the richness of the flavors and guarantees a soft consistency.
Delightful on the palate and enjoyed at any age, gelato deserves to be considered a nutritionally complete product due to its high nutritional value. A pleasant addition to the other meals of the day that reaches the height of greediness when accompanied by the crunchiness of a Loacker wafer.
Caring about the preparation and attention to seasonality combine the taste of a Loacker product to that of gelato in addition to the pleasure of sharing those moments that involve the entire range of taste, scent, colors and sensations.
A patient work, carried out with passion and awareness which is maintained in the experimentation process of different flavors and combinations and always choosing quality ingredients. The meeting between Loacker and the irresistible consistency of gelato was therefore written in the stars, in an authentically Italian combination.

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