There is no denying it, there is definitely something special about summer. It’s the time of the year when you are almost magically drawn to a beach or a mountain top, when you spend your weekends relaxing by the pool and you stay outside, long after the sun has gone down.

Whether the beginning or end of the summer season, the best part of the day is when you go out for a walk and the temperatures outside allow your cheeks to be kissed by the warm rays of sunlight. As your body temperature begins to rise, there’s no better complement than a smooth, creamy and refreshing Italian gelato to cool off.

In fact, no summer can be defined as such without having indulged (at least once a day) in the mouth-watering taste of a gelato. The mouthfuls of this soft delight are a joy that speaks of an Italian experience that is authentic and far away from all that’s hectic.

Even more so now at the end of summer, if you are lucky enough strolling the streets of Bolzano or one of its main squares, Piazza Walther. Relishing a gelato, whether in a cone or cup, is an uttermost pleasure that contributes to fully appreciate the beauty and flavors of the tradition of the “City of the Alps.”

The sun-kissed town, located in Alto Adige/ Südtirol, is one of Italy’s best-kept secrets. It is surrounded by the beautiful Dolomites, and unlike any other city in Italy, combines Alpine charm with a Mediterranean flair.

Even in the middle of September you can still feel the summer vibes and the “dolce vita” in this town, where even business conversations are held over lattes or wine and on sun-kissed days, even over an artisanal ice-cold gelato with a crunchy wafer on top.

Indeed, gelato has become one of the symbols of the Italian spirit, recognized and appreciated all over the world. A Loacker wafer is the final touch that makes it special and the two really belong together.

Italian gelato owes its unique richness and density to the fact that it contains 70% less air and more flavoring than other kinds of frozen desserts. To make this delicacy, ‘cold artists’ focus on the quality of the products, the freshness of the ingredients, and careful processing.

It is no coincidence that the gelaterie in town sprinkle their creations with delicious Loacker wafers. The company has its headquarters not far from here and shares the same passion and values when it comes to their treats as many of those gelato artists do. So when the love for high-quality ingredients and the passion for outstanding taste meet, the combination can only be a winning one.

The airy-light, crunchy Loacker wafers and the irresistible consistency of a creamy gelato are truly a match made in heaven, in an authentic Italian way.

Would you like to create your own quick and easy Loacker Gelato sundae?

The ingredients for one serving of the cold dessert are:

1 scoop of strawberry gelato;

1 scoop of yogurt gelato;

fresh raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries;

4-5 Loacker lemon Quadratini.

Place the gelato and fresh fruit in a little bowl. Cut Lemon Quadratini into small cubes and put them on the gelato.

The result is a fresh and fruity summer dessert, where the Loacker wafers are the cherry on the cake!

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