Some of the best gelato parlors in the Belpaese.

During the warmer months, gelato is always the best solution to cool down. And Italian gelato makers are ‘cold artists’ that focus on the quality of the products, the freshness of the raw materials, and careful processing. Indeed, gelato has become one of the symbols of the Italian spirit, recognized and appreciated all over the world. There are good gelato parlors in virtually any Italian village, town, and city.

However, the ones we present here have all received ‘3 cones’, the maximum recognition granted by the Gambero Rosso‘s ‘Gelaterie d’Italia 2020’.

Artico’, (Milan) – Maurizio Poloni heads a team of careful gelato makers. Their philosophy is top quality raw materials, no chemical additives, only natural ingredients, and everything, absolutely everything, homemade. With the 30 flavors they offer, they tell the world of the small local companies that supply the raw materials. Currently, they are launching flavors that bring together the excellences of their territory. They are ‘Ris e Lat’ (rice and milk), the ‘Torta di Polenta’ (polenta cake), ‘Pannerone’ (cheese with pears, honey, and coffee powder), and ‘Pan de Mein and Fiori di Sambuco’ (with Elderflowers). They also have a parlor in Naples.

Gretel Factory’, Formia (Latina) – Veronica Fedele is the master gelato maker and founder of the ‘Gretel Factory’. A project made up of experience, passion, and people who, through the art of gelato, promote simplicity, quality products, and commitment. Among their many ongoing projects, there is a special one dedicated to guaranteeing a short supply chain. In this way, they support local farms from which they acquire quality raw materials used to produce their award-winning ice cream.

‘G&co’, Tricase (Lecce) – The Ricchiuto sisters have proved they know how to master the secrets of the cold art through the processing of high-quality raw materials. Being aware that achieving top results requires a lot of work, they have nicknamed themselves “maniacs of the best.” The pride of their menu is rose gelato, made with a cold infusion of fresh and dried roses from Istanbul.

‘I Fenu Gelateria e Pasticceria’, (Cagliari) – The gelato artists of this parlor succeed in condensing the essence of Sardinia in their products. The intense flavors of their gelato immediately recall the ones typical of the island: ‘celery and bottarga’, ‘Fiore Sardo with honey-caramelized pears’, and ‘Abbardente (brandy) and helichrysum.’ An unmissable flavor is ‘Pardulas’, the typical Sardinian sweets stuffed with ricotta, egg, saffron, and citrus peel.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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