The 2018 edition of Gambero Rosso‘s guide to the best gelato to be found in Italy was presented at this year’s SIGEP (International Exhibition of Gelato and Pastry) and it will be distributed in bookshops by the end of April. In this year edition of the guide there are 4 new Three Cones – indicating extraordinary gelato -, for a total of 40 throughout Italy. Emilia Romagna is the leading region with 7 Three Cones, followed by Piedmont and Lombardy with 6, then Tuscany and Lazio with 5, Liguria, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, and Campania with 2, while Marche, Basilicata, and Sardinia have 1 each.

The new Three Cones are:

Marco Serra Gelatiere, Carignano (TO)
The talented gelato maker, opened his first parlor in the center of his hometown. The impressive 6 meters  long counter presents about 20 silky, clean and tasteful flavors thickened with baobab bark and maranta for a divine result.

American Bar Oasis, Fara Gera D’Adda (BG)
Candida Pelizzoli, president of the Association of Italian Gelato Masters, conquers her Three Cones thanks to her passion, studies, experiments, and love for combinations of fruits and vegetables that turn into a light gelato with an intense taste.

Greed Avidi of Gelato, Frascati (RM)
Dario Rossi is a tireless researcher, an aware promoter of his territory, and a careful craftsman with a sweet tooth. He aims straight to the original taste of the sweet or salty ingredients of his gelato, without alterations or unnecessary frills.

La Gourmandise, Rome
Dario Benelli’s workshop is wrapped in a unique alchemy, and there he creates a gelato that conquers the taste buds at the first taste; but strictly from a cup, because Benelli’s creations must be enjoyed in their wholeness without adding the flavor of the cone.

Delia Proietto

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