We cross the finish line and enjoy Piacenza: 240 km and a unique experience behind us.

After a trip around the bamboo corridors, we are preparing for the final stage of our perfect adventure. Another 50 km and here we are in Piacenza having completed the length of the original Via Emilia. Don’t be deceived by the small dimensions of the city: Although not large, Piacenza offers plenty to see and do. We start as usual from the center in Piazza Duomo. Take your time, especially if it’s a nice sunny day, treat yourself to a coffee and watch the world go by. The heart of the city is focused on its most scenic square, Piazza Cavalli, which takes its name from the two equestrian statues of Alessandro and Ranuccio Farnese, masterpieces of baroque sculpture. Overlooking the square there is the Town Hall (known as Il Gotico) where the poet Petrarch spent time in 1351.

Piacenza is a place that has always cultivated interesting and unpredictable flavors that enrich its food and wine with powerful and tantalizing deviations. Pork salami (coppa piacentina) and the local pancetta for example are ideal as tasty starters, pisarei and faśö is a typical first-course consisting of small dumplings and boiled beans, as is the traditional egg pasta stuffed with stewed beef, bread crumbs, grana padano cheese and nutmeg and cooked in a savory meat stock. From amongst the main courses, we recommend the pìcula ‘d caval, a recipe based on finely minced horse-meat, or the donkey stew, braised for several hours in red wine (Barbera or Gutturnio), tomato puree, lard, butter, carrots, celery, bay leaves, garlic and onion. To finish the meal and hopefully our trip, begun in Rimini and now at its end, a slice of fig or almond cake.

A glass of Gutturno wine, perfect for toasting the end of our journey and between sips, remembering its most beautiful moments, and perhaps making plans for our next one.


Via Santo Stefano, 22

29121 Piacenza

Telephone: 0523 327802


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