It was 1812 when the Beretta family, in business ever since Napoleon Bonaparte reigned in Europe, founded the first meat processing lab in Barzanò.

That small miracle of quality, artisanship and innovation that Fratelli Beretta is today could only have had its origin in this small town of the green hills of Alta Brianza (at the foot of the Alps, in the North-West of Lombardy) an area in which the landscape suggestively ranges from the Alps to the immense Lombard plain and up to the Apennine Mountains.

Felice and Mario Beretta opened a butchery and cured meat business and transformed the meat factory into a modern industry. The industry then expanded into a manufacturing company with a solid corporate structure capable of thriving throughout two world wars and the Great Depression. A continuous expansion that reached the first supermarkets, then the Italian large-scale distribution and finally crossed national borders.

The commitment of eight generations of Beretta family members to bringing the unique taste of noble cured meats of the Italian tradition to homes around the world, has made Fratelli Beretta the longest-running family business in the tradition of Italian delicatessen that exists today.

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