In the photo: Andrea Zanotti, Marino Golinelli, Antonio Danieli

Italy is one of the leading European countries for patents, however, investments in startups have yet to catch up.

With G-Factor, Fondazione Golinelli asserts the proposal of a new model, different from those imported from the Anglo-Saxon world and specifically designed for the Italian and European reality: for this first call, as part of a multi-year program, which received applications from abroad (France, Spain, UK, Denmark, Germany, USA) € 1 million has been allocated.

«These resources are not grants or financial instruments and/or debt instruments – states Antonio Danieli, Director General of Fondazione Golineli and CEO of G-Factor – they are destined to be converted into equity percentages, making G-Factor a minority shareholder of the startups, assisting them in the search for new lenders and in the subsequent development of their business.In addition, the resources made available for each start-up are higher than the average provided by incubators operating in this reference segment, furthermore, the financial resources are also accompanied by the entrepreneurial training of the teams with a nine-month training program, partly customized, called G-Force which is based on the thirty-year experience of the Foundation in the sector. Finally, G-Factor will have the competitive advantage of being part of the integrated ecosystem of Opificio Golinelli, the only one of its kind in Italy”.

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