The "G-Factor"

The “G-Factor”

It is in this fertile context that G-Factor takes shape, with all the relationships, networks, collaborations and virtuous contaminations that will be activated, following the existing model that the Foundation has set forth over all these years with research centres, universities, companies, and financial players.

The completion of this new pavilion is therefore not just an expansion from an architectural point of view, but a true beginning, a turning point for Fondazione Golinelli.

Andrea Zanotti, president of Fondazione Golinelli since 2016, states: «It is the definitive exit for the Foundation from the subsidiary role it has played over the years in supporting public action in the fields of training and research, to directly take responsibility in specifying – both from a local and a national perspective – a path to the future » Also adding: «G-Factor reflects and at the same time summarizes a strong idea, a project that aims to bring together and combine training, higher degree research, and the relationship between art and science to now finally achieve this crossing point where training and research become business».In the new pavilion there are already two fundamental realities set forth by the governance of the Foundation: G-Factor, the incubator-accelerator, and the BI-REX Competence Center of Industry 4.0.

With G-Factor, Fondazione Golinelli aims to have financial returns from investments to support its philanthropic activity and intends to concurrently create an unprecedented combination between profit activity and the pursuit of its statutory purpose, which has always been to help the new generations, by fostering their growth, culture and training, to providing support for their business ideas. In the coming weeks, the space will host the startups selected by a team of scientists and experts in business, innovation, technology transfer and finance among the 124 projects that participated (between junior and senior lines) in the first call, Life Science Innovation 2018, held by G-Factor, for innovation projects and new companies in the field of life sciences. G-FACTOR is a concrete response by the Foundation to address the need in Italy to foster more possibilities of integration between research, industry and the marketplace, by putting the focus on youth, their business ideas and scientific research, and their ability to produce innovations and new technologies.

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