The project “Journey beyond borders: tradition and technology”, co-financed by the European Union as part of the public notice “Business makes culture” under the POR FESR Lazio call, has reached the end of its first phase 2014-2020 -action 3.3.1 b, enhancing the Italian cultural heritage through innovative methods and technologies.

Through the development of immersive experiences and the production of augmentative content (textual and audiovisual), the initiative, conceived and curated by Eko Group S.r.l. in collaboration with the Capofarfa Agricultural Company and the Municipality of Poggio San Lorenzo, guides “travelers” (tourists, pilgrims and citizens) towards the knowledge and rediscovery of the Sabine cultural heritage and its identity, accelerating development and internationalization.

The aim is to turn a territory unknown in the eyes of many into a place to discover that arouses curiosity from different points of view: historical-cultural, sociological, religious, agronomic, food and wine, naturalistic, wildlife, organizational, local. Knowledge can thus be transformed into a stimulating, interactive and continuous experience. In fact, the experience does not end with the participation in the tour, but continues on the site, where the ” travelers ” will be able, within the platform, to deepen other contents, tell their experience and communicate it to others. Now all that remains is to welcome all “travelers” and give them a unique experience. The next issue of the magazine will include valuable information on tours and new insights.

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