fiat concept centoventi car italian italy electric ginevra geneve motor wheelsOn the occasion of its 120th anniversary, Fiat presents the Fiat Concept Centoventi in Geneva, a new milestone in the history of Fiat. Always a pioneer of democratic mobility, today Fiat is proposing a city car to make electric mobility accessible to all with an important style innovation. According to Fiat, it is “the ABC of cars. Affordable But Cool.”

The keyword for the Concept Centoventi (‘one hundred and twenty’ in Italian) is customization: “You will be the designer of your own special edition”. Starting with the interiors, the customers will be the ones to configure them in many different layouts choosing for the special slots of the dashboard the accessories that they prefer and adapting the spaces according to their needs, for the ultimate customization experience.

The personalization goes further: the electric powertrain comes with a modular battery pack, which allows customers to add up to three extra, bought or rented, battery cells in order to extend its driving range. Thus, Concept Centoventi will offer between 100km (62 miles) and 500km (310 miles) of driving range, depending on how many battery packs are onboard.

Fiat’s new EV is a “white canvas” produced in a single livery that, through the “4U” program, can be ‘painted’ by customers choosing between 4 roofs, 4 bumpers, 4 wheel covers, and 4 external wrappings. In this way the Concept Centoventi is, as Fiat describes it, “born to be dressed”, and offers not only a very wide range of ways to be customized but unprecedented freedom as well, in fact, customers can change the specification throughout the car’s life.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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